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Honey Hill Tower
Hopkinton, MA

Honey Hill is located in Hopkinton, Massachusetts which is 25 miles west of Boston and one mile south of the starting line of the Boston Marathon.  Honey Hill is the location of the headwaters of the Charles River and is also the highest elevation agricultural property in Middlesex County.

For decades,  much of the Boston Marathon official communications has been facilitated through this tower.  Communications were originally operated on the MetroWest-owned UHF repeater systems and later on carrier-owned systems. 

In commercial operation to these specs since the late 80's, the tower is available on a rental basis to carriers, two-way radio dealers, wireless ISPs, end-users, paging and repeater companies.  Due to the fact that the tower was designed for multi-user operation since it's inception, antenna multicouplers and combiners can be provided for many users (pictures below). 


Existing data and voice tower tenants:

  • carriers and dealers
  • business, construction, ambulance and public safety entities
  • Certain US Government Agencies
  • various paging companies


Ham radio:  special public service project    

Click for details This 24x7 capability now provides a direct radio link to the MEMA state headquarters in the Framingham bunker.



Coverage based on a 25-Watt 460 MHz UHF mobile using a 5db gain antenna during summer foliage season.
  • North: Leominster, Mass.
  • South: Rhode Island Border
  • West: Worcester plus Sturbridge on Mass Turnpike
  • East: Logan Airport, Boston

Lowband coverage extends much farther.




Honey Hill                             

Actual computer terrain model
Vertical max scale at Hopkinton 750 ft
Horizontal max scale 27 miles

The view from the 140-ft level looking east towards Boston
with some smoke viewable in Ashland. Note the house at ground level.
This picture was obviously taken on a clear day using a telephoto lens,
but the line-of-site path is genuine.  

  Technical specs:

  • Location: Honey Hill, Hopkinton, Massachusetts
  • Street: 89 Hayden Rowe Street Rte-85
  • County: Middlesex
  • Newer NAD83 coordinates are 
    • 42 13' 7.40" N
    • 71 30' 57.00" W
  • Ground elevation: 530 feet AMSL
  • Tower structure: 180 feet
  • Main antenna Tip: 198 feet
  • HAAT 800 MHz TX: 436 feet
  • HAAT 450 MHz TX: 388 feet
  • Tip above sea level: 728 feet
  • Sample Licensee: WNUE558
  • FAA ASN number 2012-ANE-1288-OE

   Combiner System:

These antenna combiner systems grant multiple tenants access to the best antenna locations on the tower by sharing antennas. In addition, the potential of interference is greatly minimized while eliminating the added structural stresses of multiple antennas.  This capability was designed into the system from day-1.


450 MHz Telewave antenna combiner system
800 and 900 MHz Telewave antenna combiner system



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