Tower Rental Site at Hopkinton, MA

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   Honey Hill Tower
   Hopkinton, MA

    A special public service project
    for ham radio emergency communications:



  440: This UHF repeater is a project of the Framingham Amateur Radio Assoc  and is coordinated to W1FY.  This project is intended as a contribution to  our country's potential emergency communications needs and has a direct connection to the state MEMA headquarters in Framingham. 
  • W1FY  448.025  repeater
  • Repeater RX:  443.025   PL 88.5
  • GE MASTR-II  with an NHRC4-M2 controller integrated by WA1NVC
  • This is ultimately intended to provide a direct radio link to the 2-meter repeater on 147.150 MHz located at MEMA state headquarters in the Framingham bunker.
  • The ham antenna system is using a custom-built Telewave commercial UHF receiver multicoupler system with access to the highest receive antenna.
  • Transmit is facilitated with a dedicated antenna

6-meters:  Honey Hill is the southern receive site for the W1DC  53.07 repeater
on Mt. Uncanoonuc in Goffstown, NH as well as the southern receive site for the  53.77 repeater on Gunstock Mountain Ski Area in Gilford, NH

900:  Also the  N3HFK 900 MHz repeater.   927.8875 PL 100.0 out,    902.8875 PL 131.8 in

With the exception of paying for electricity at cost, these repeaters occupy the tower on a pro-bono basis.

    448.025 MHz   PL 88.5


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